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Krzysztof Goj
Erlang Solutions

Krzysztof's IT-related interests vary from Natural Language Processing, Game Development, Programming Languages and their implementations and building tools
that make him more productive to simple hardware design. He enjoys embedded programming and building scalable and fault-tolerant distributed systems, which he does daily in his job as Systems Engineer at Erlang Solutions.

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Krzysztof Goj is Giving the Following Talks
Riak in 33 Seconds

We would like to introduce Riak. This is a Dynamo-inspired key/value store that scales horizontaly and uses Map/Reduce as a query language. We are going to talk about its strengths and
weaknesses and discuss tradeoffs of using Riak compared to other databases (both relational and NoSQL). We will also describe Riak's architecture and show it at work during the live demo.