Embedded Erlang Development

Graham Crowe
Software Developer at Ericsson

We describe the properties of a new Ericsson product, the Baseband R503 [ref1]. The R503 is a baseband volume product used to build mobile communications networks. It comprises a data plane processor for fast-path processing and a control plane for controlling the operation of the data plane. 

The control plane software is implemented mainly in Erlang, and is used to control data plane software implemented in C and FPGA's. This system runs on a small memory-footprint embedded system, and is expected to run autonomously for many years without manual maintenance. It will run in challenging remote environments so all operations must be controlled remotely and there is a great emphasis on security, remote maintenance and controlled upgrade procedures. 

Building an "Embedded Erlang System" requires the integration of many components. With that in mind the talk will discuss the relevance of Autotools and the Yocto project to the Erlang community. We will walk through a simple "Embedded Erlang System" example, and discuss possible solutions to the problems encountered.






Graham has been working for Ericsson since the mid 90s, mainly testing Mobile Telecommunication Systems, including GSM, WCDMA and LTE. In recent years he has been splitting his time between developing machine learning infrastructure and improving the integration and deployment of embedded linux systems.

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