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Daniel Lee
Core Code Grunt at Klarna
Klarna AB

Daniel Lee has been a Core Developer with Klarna since 2011. In past lives he has been a type theory researcher specializing in ML-like languages and a professional bartender. 

Twitter: @dklee

Daniel Lee is Giving the Following Talks
Continuous Migration: Reimplementing the Purchase Taking Capability of a 24/7 Financial System

Klarna is currently undergoing a migration where its purchase taking capability is being ported from its very large, monolithic Erlang system that performs many varied business tasks to a specialized one for taking purchases using current Erlang best practices such as rebar and other standard open source offerings (lager, folsom, riak, rabbit, and more) deployed with Chef. Focal points will be how Klarna's regular weekly release cycle has allowed this to be an incremental process, as well as how we regression test a distributed system with heterogenous components.

Talk objectives:
This talk aims to share Klarna's experiences reimplementing a major component from Erlang to Erlang.

Target audience:
Erlang developers, project managers, agile aficionados.