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Rickard Green
OTP Team Member and VM Committer
Ericsson AB

Rickard Green is a senior specialist in muticore/multiprocessor
utilization and scalability at Ericsson AB. He works with the
development of Erlang's virtual machine at Erlang/OTP and has done so for the past ten years. The development of an Erlang VM capable of utilizing multicore/multiprocessor hardware, i.e. the SMP support of the Erlang VM, begun about five years ago. He has since then been the main developer of the SMP support, and has designed and implemented major parts of it.

Rickard Green is Giving the Following Talks
A deep dive into some aspects of the multicore support in the Erlang VM

The first Erlang virtual machine capable of utilizing multicore and multiprocessor hardware, i.e. the Erlang VM with SMP support, first appeared in 2006. Since then work has been ongoing on improving performance and scalability. The increasing number of cores on common processors makes scalability issues very important. The scalability of the first VM with SMP support was quite modest, but has since then improved immensely and will continue to be improved in the future. During this talk we'll look closer at some scalability issues and how they have been addressed.