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Thomas Arts
Professor and co-founder of QuviQ AB
QuviQ AB

Prof Thomas Arts is the co-founder and CTO of Quviq, a small company that produced QuickCheck, as testing tool for Erlang. Thomas has over 30 publications in various journals and has experience refereeing conferences and workshops. He has successfully introduced some new technologies to the industry, the latest being QuickCheck, a tool for property based testing and aims to support test driven development. Thomas is also a professor at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Thomas was one of the members of Ericsson's computer science lab where he worked on program verification and the development of the Erlang programming language. He has also worked in the broad spectrum theoretical computer science, formal methods and industrial case-study research, mainly applying all kind of techniques to systems written in Erlang. 

Thomas Arts is Giving the Following Talks
Testing automotive software with Erlang

Modern cars are filled with software. The software for cars is normally written in C and the specifications are at least as bulky as those known from the telecommunication industry. Different from Erlang software, it has some hard real-time requirements, where tasks definitely need to meet certain deadlines. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to test this software by using Erlang as a test framework.

We report on a project of testing an AUTOSAR component by using a combination of Erlang and QuickCheck. We tested the network management module of the Can bus. This network management module is specified as a state machine plus a lot of other details.The most challenging part is dealing with the timers that cause spontaneous transitions from one state to another when time progresses.