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Dr. Erik Stenman

Erik Stenman has been programming for fun since 1980, and for profit since 1989 when he started his first company. He received his Master of Science in Computer Science in 1996 from Uppsala University. Erik was one of the driving forces behind the the High Performance Erlang project (HiPE) from the start in 1996 until he successfully defended his Ph.D dissertation against opponent Simon Peyton-Jones. During his post-doc as a project manager in Martin Odersky's Scala group he helped bringing the project to a successful release of Scala 1.0. Before joining Kreditor he worked at Virtutech with low-level optimizations of Virtutech Simics. 

Dr. Erik Stenman is Giving the Following Talks
Testing - but not your patience

Kreditor is providing financial services for internet shops and millions of Scandinavians each year, through a system completely written in Erlang. The system is continuously updated with new features and services. In this talk Erik will present some of the techniques and tools for automated testing and monitoring that Kreditor is using in order to provide high availability in the presence of frequent releases.