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Rusty Klophaus
Creator of the Nitrogen Web Framework

Rusty Klophaus is the creator and lead maintainer of the Nitrogen Web Framework, and is a new arrival to the Erlang community. Rusty typed his first line of Erlang code in early 2008 after trying (and quickly discarding) a number of other functional languages. He now ferociously evangelizes the merits of Erlang to anyone who will listen. Rusty grew up on a farm, earned a degree in Computer Science from Princeton University, spent a summer in Philadelphia as a professional musician, co-founded a .NET software consulting company, and has managed multi-million dollar technology projects. He recently started a new job at Blackboard where he focuses on cultivating the Blackboard developer community and shaping the Blackboard API.

Rusty Klophaus is Giving the Following Talks
The Nitrogen Web Framework

Nitrogen is an exciting framework not just for what it brings to the table, but also for what it leaves behind. By leveraging Erlang records as a surprisingly elegant markup language, discarding MVC in favor of an event-driven architecture, and only supporting Javascript-based forms, Nitrogen challenges many existing notions about what an Erlang application/web framework should do, and has invigorated others in the Erlang community to think unorthodox thoughts while building their own projects. Rusty will present a high level overview of Nitrogen, dive down to walk through a sample Nitrogen application, and then discuss the future of this rapidly maturing framework.