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Adam Lindberg
QuickCheck guru at ETC
Erlang Solutions Ltd

Adam has a degree in Computer Science and works as a technical consultant for Erlang Solutions. For the past few years he has worked at Ericsson AB in Stockholm as a team Leader where he leads a team of eight, working developing a domain specific language to handle telephonic traffic manipulation.

Adam Lindberg is Giving the Following Talks
Using QuickCheck for testing a domain specific language

High quality products require extensive testing. The increased complexity of the products that telecommunication companies develop requires a change in testing methodology. Therefore, a large Swedish telecommunication company is adapting Eunit and QuickCheck in their test process. The result is more efficient testing. We show a few examples of QuickCheck specifications used to test a domain specific language in the Session Border Gateway and explain how they can replace conventional test cases.
QuickCheck Case Studies

QuickCheck has proven itself across a range of applications. Here four speakers give short review of how they have applied QuickCheck in different environments, namely:
  • Adam Linberg - Using QuickCheck for testing a domain specific languages
  • Ulf Norell - Using QuickCheck for testing C code
  • Huiqing Li - Testing Wrangler with QuickCheck
  • Hans Svensson - Connecting QuickCheck and Rose/RT to test Radio Base Stations