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Alexis Richardson
AMQP Expert and CEO at RabbitMQ
Rabbit Technologies Ltd.

Alexis Richardson is CEO and co-founder of Rabbit Technologies Ltd., the commercial support company behind RabbitMQ, a leading implementation of the AMQP open business messaging standard. Alexis is also co-chair of OCCI, the new initiative from OGF to develop an Open Cloud Computing Interface. Previously Alexis Richardson was a co-founder of CohesiveFT, the cloud computing company, and CEO and co-founder of MetaLogic, a middleware company specializing in high throughput caching and transaction management products. As a past consultant for Fortune 1000 corporations, he has worked on various high performance front-office trading solutions. Before that he worked in proprietary trading of fixed-income derivatives at Goldman Sachs, after researching and teaching mathematical logic and computer science at Oxford University.

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