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Bhasker V. Kode
Co-Founder & CTO of

Bhasker V Kode, is a developer/technopreneur who co-founded, a startup based out of Pune, India as its CTO. Prior to this, he was working with TutorVista - the online tutoring startup, in developing its chat, whiteboard and other products when he first introduced to ejabberd and the world of erlang by a colleague. These days he spends his time on the LYME stack (linux/yaws/mnesia/erlang), spear-heading the Returnable Project - the web delivery mashup framework, authoring the Reusable javascript library, part of the team at, and talking about random web-scale hacks. His blog "Bosky says" has been active since 2003 where he writes on startups & the web, and enjoys writing on all things erly & distributed on's developer blog.

Bhasker V. Kode is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang at

From our experiences at '' I'd like to present how we first chose erlang late 2007, and got about using it as our bridge across our multi-node cluster. In particular the architectural decisions that went into making our distributed python crawler backend running off mnesia with its sharding & fragmentation strategies for tables that span several millions of rows, load-balancing to our 3-node yaws web servers, tweaks to serve more requests, trade-offs in efficiency vs cost, experiments in DHT's,  our cache worker implementations  & messaging queues, cron's & dispatching jobs while  throwing light on design choices that can fit in distributed and heterogeneous environments. We have also recently built and intend to opensource our own in-memory cache workers, persistent stats & logging system, and in the process of now deploying an A/B testing framework,  that we'd love to talk about. The talk will also bring in some interesting metaphors from bacteria and its group dynamics, as well as the human brain in handling concurrency & memory.