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Hans Svensson
Proud member of the ProTest project
Quviq AB and Chalmers University of Technology

Hans Svensson is researcher with eye for applying new technology in practice. He has been using QuickCheck ever since he got in touch with it and actively helps in developing the tool further. He is a post-doc at Chalmers involved in the EU project ProTest and working for Quviq part of his time. Hans PhD thesis is worth reading for people that wonder whether the gen_leader is tested well enough.

Hans Svensson is Giving the Following Talks
Connecting QuickCheck and Rose/RT to test Radio Base Stations

Strangely enough, not all code is written in Erlang. Some companies use low level C or high level modeling languages like UML to create their products. This doesn't stop them from having fun! One can still write test code in Erlang or even use QuickCheck to test the product. We demonstrate how we connected QuickCheck to Rose/RT in order to enable testing of radio base stations. There were three main challenges on top of the normal challenge of modeling the system and implement properties, namely: (1) isolating a self contained part of the Rose/RT model, (2) extending the Rose/RT model to connect it to Erlang, and (3) to marshal data between Erlang and C++.

QuickCheck Case Studies

QuickCheck has proven itself across a range of applications. Here four speakers give short review of how they have applied QuickCheck in different environments, namely:
  • Adam Linberg - Using QuickCheck for testing a domain specific languages
  • Ulf Norell - Using QuickCheck for testing C code
  • Huiqing Li - Testing Wrangler with QuickCheck
  • Hans Svensson - Connecting QuickCheck and Rose/RT to test Radio Base Stations