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Sadek Drobi
Consultant and programming languages Evangelist at Valtech

Sadek Drobi is a software engineer specializing in design and implementation of enterprise applications with a particular focus on bridging the gap between the problem domain and the solution domain. Programming languages evangelist at Valtech France where he works as consultant and tech lead, he is currently working on a research proposal relative to language oriented programming and multiparadigm design. Passionate about his profession but also about photography, he publishes a technical blog and maintains a photo gallery.

Sadek Drobi is Giving the Following Talks
Functional Programming with a Mainstream Language

Using functional programming (FP) in enterprise software development is often quite a challenge. In this presentation, Sadek Drobi will talk about his experience of applying functional programming principles on a real-world project in relation with existing non-functional frameworks. In the year 2008 and just on the release of C# 3.0 and Linq, which is basically several FP concepts implemented on C# language, Sadek Drobi worked as a tech lead on a project where functional programming approach was used to meet performance requirements and to achieve desired response time. Facing similar issues, a mainstream architect would strive to instantiate less objects and to use mutation for optimization. Considering the big amount of data that had to be processed on each request, Sadek chose to do it otherwise: no mutation, used memoization, laziness, recursion, functions, curry, monads, list comprehensions and, then, parallelization to yield an almost purely functional core domain model. Sadek Drobi will talk more about this experience and elaborate on the good and the bad of going almost extreme through a functional programming approach from different perspectives.