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Samuel Rivas
Erlang hacker at Lambda Stream

Samuel Rivas has been working with Erlang since his last years as a student in the University of A Coruña (Spain). After graduating, he started to work with the MADS (Models And Applications of Distributed Systems) research group, joining to LambdaStream shortly afterward where he is still working today. In LambdaStream, he has been working in projects about video coding and streaming where he usually has to mix Erlang code with low level C programmes. Currently, Samuel is leading leading R&D projects, is involved in the quality improvement group, and is the main architect of a number of LambdaStream solutions.

Samuel Rivas is Giving the Following Talks
Developing a Set Top Box Middleware in Erlang

Erlang is the appropriate tool to build control systems, so it is suited perfectly for middleware. In LambdaStream we've been developing an Erlang based solution for embedded devices to control the interaction between web-based interfaces and video processing and streaming hardware. The result is an Erlang middleware with two interfaces, one to control low level drivers written in C and other to control an embedded browser where GUI programmers can develop the user interface using standard javascript techniques. One of the goals related to the project is a consumer electronics device for home entertainment, so we are closer to our goal of having one Erlang VM in each living room.