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Todd Lipcon
Software Engineer, Cloudera

Todd Lipcon comes to Cloudera from Amie Street, where he worked on infrastructure, operations, data mining, and product development. At Amie Street, Todd helped develop several core backend products in Erlang, and developed and contributed Erlang bindings to the Apache Thrift project. At Cloudera, Todd continues to contribute to Thrift, and hacks on Erlang-based distributed systems in his spare time.

Todd Lipcon is Giving the Following Talks
Building Multi-Language Web Architectures using Erlang and Thrift

Erlang was designed to make building reliable, correct, and highly available systems easy, but struggles in other areas like string processing, templating, and the widespread availability of useful libraries for web development. Other languages like PHP, Python, and Ruby excel in their ability to quickly develop web applications, but, lacking features like hot code upgrade, strong multi-threading support, and built-in multi-node distribution, are not well suited to developing highly available stateful server applications. In this talk I will describe Apache Thrift, a project that provides an RPC and serialization framework that has bindings in many languages, including Erlang, PHP, Ruby, Python, C++, and Java. I will describe some real-world architectures and show some quick examples of how using Thrift to combine Erlang with other languages is a boon for web development.