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David Dawson
Head of Technology at Mobile Interactive Group
Mobile Interactive Group

David Dawson is the ‘Head of Technology’ at Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), with more than 10 years of commercial experience in software development.

He Joined MIG in 2006 shortly after the company was formed and was fundamental in MIG’s early success by delivering robust and profitable platforms. David then went on to grow and head up a Technology team comprising of Developers/Testers/SysAdmins, which has consistently delivered mission critical platforms to on budget

David is also a keen advocate of open source technology, both using and contributing to a number of new and existing projects, he also embraces an agile approach to building software, especially the use of Test-Driven-Development which stems back to his early days as a Software Tester.

David has previously worked at GKN Westland Helicopters, RiverSoft (IBM), Sun Microsystem s (Oracle) and Trayport, and holds a ISEB Practioner Qualification in Software Testing.

David Dawson is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang runs TV votes on Facebook

MIG’s new Erlang based product, the Interactive Broadcast Platform (IBP) has been designed to act as a supplementary channel for viewers to interact with, consumer content and vote on live television shows. IBP now provides viewers with a rich and engaging live show experience – a global first for this type of viewer participation.

Target Audience: Erlang developers interested in server-side large scaling challenges

Talk Objectives: The invention and concept of MIG's paid-for social-media interaction engine. The rational and choice of cloud based hosting. The challenge of scaling an Erlang/RIAK based application in the cloud