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Jon Watte
Technical Director, IMVU Inc

Jon Watte is a technical director at IMVU Inc. with a long background in large distributed systems like virtual worlds and simulations, including technical leadership on virtual world and a previous position as CTO of enterprise software company Forterra Systems. He is a moderator of the networking forum at and a frequent speaker at industry events.

Jon Watte is Giving the Following Talks
Large Scale Messaging at IMVU in social entertainment and gaming

The social entertainment platform of IMVU has grown to tens of millions of customers. We recently replaced an aging messaging architecture with a re-engineered message queue, reducing hardware requirements and latencies by a factor of 10 or better. We will cover the problems we set out to solve, which off-the- shelf solutions we considered and why they came up lacking, and the system design we ended up with. We will also talk about why we chose to implement the system in Erlang rather than more traditional languages like C++, Java or Python. Finally, we will show how this system scales well beyond millions of connected clients. Special attention will be given to how Erlang can be integrated into an existing web-based systems architecture, and some challenges that had to be overcome to use Erlang in the context of a continuous deployment environment.