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Abhay Kumar
Fuzed and Erlectricity committer
Powerset R&D, Microsoft Corporation

Abhay Kumar likes to build highly available, distributed processing systems. He is currently an engineer at Powerset, a Microsoft company, where he works on data ingestion, index processing, serving and presentation. He was a lead developer for the automated, distributed regression testing system at Powerset, which is still used to inspect quality of the semantic analysis architecture and generates and stores several gigabytes per day. He was also a primary engineer of the realtime query processing system behind and presented the technology behind it at Erlang Factory last year.

Abhay Kumar is Host to the Following Tracks

Erlang has quickly become one of the hottest technologies for Cloud computing, delivering scalability, fault-tolerance and messaging capability to sites like GitHub, Reddit, Heroku, NASA Nebula and Facebook, just to name a few. This track will update you on exciting new developments in the Cloud.