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Mark Zweifel
Functional Programming Vocal Advocate at Yahoo!

Mark has been working at Yahoo! for the past 9+ years.  During this time he has worked on a range of systems including personal finance management tools, search proxies, workflow systems; currently he works on cluster management.He is a vocal advocate of functional programming and Erlang in particular.  His main interests are in large scale, distributed, fault tolerant systems.

Mark Zweifel is Giving the Following Talks
Deploying Erlang into a Large Organization - A Case Study

We have been using Erlang on our team at Yahoo! for the last 2 years, during which time we have been advocating for its official support.  While it is easier, and possibly more fun, to be able to mandate Erlang as the prefered technology, it is more realistic to be confronted with complex integration scenarios.  In this talk we will present several case studies of integrations we have done as well as the challenges we have faced in justifying our choices. In order to deploy Erlang effectively we have had to interoperate with company standard stacks, as well as various legacy systems in written in various other languages.