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Simon Thompson
Creator of Wrangler and co-author of Erlang Programming
University of Kent

Simon Thompson is Professor of Logic and Computation in the Computing Laboratory of the University of Kent, where he has taught computing at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for the past twenty five years, and where he has been department head for the last six.

His research work has centered on functional programming: program verification, type systems, and most recently development of software tools for functional programming languages. His team has built the HaRe tool for refactoring Haskell programs, and is currently developing Wrangler to do the same for Erlang. His research has been funded by various agencies including EPSRC and the European Framework programme. His training is as a mathematician: he has an MA in Mathematics from Cambridge and a D.Phil. in mathematical logic from Oxford.

He has written four books in his field of interest; Type Theory and Functional Programming published in 1991; Miranda: The Craft of Functional Programming (1995), Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming (2nd ed. 1999) and Erlang Programming (with Francesco Cesarini, 2009). Apart from the last, which is published by O'Reilly, these are all published by Addison Wesley.

Simon Thompson is Giving the Following Talks
Tutorial - Wrangler

Wrangler is a refactoring tool which supports interactive refactoring for Erlang programs. It is integrated with both Emacs and Eclipse. Wrangler supports a variety of refactorings: Rename variable, module, function,
process; Generalise function definition, Move function from a module to another; Function/ Macro extraction, Fold expressions against function/macro; Tuple function parameters, etc.

Apart from refactorings, Wrangler also provides functionalities for "bad smell" detection and semantics-aware expression/variable search. Among others, Wrangler's identical/similar code detection is able to detect identical/similar code fragments across multiple modules.

In this 90 minute tutorial we'll show you how to use Wrangler as a part of the software development process, and in particular we'll show how Wrangler can be used in refactroing test code in EUnit, QuickCheck and Common Test.