A day full of Erlang on 4 Dec! Three days of training courses on Erlang and OTP on 1-3 Dec




Have you made an interesting innovation, open-source application or product with Erlang/OTP? Have you used Erlang in a real-world project and want to present a case study? Or maybe you developed a cool tool? Let the crowd know about it! Submit your talk HERE

IMPORTANT: Elixir talks also welcome :) 

The deadline for talk proposals is 10 October, but we tend to have more talks submitted than we have slots available, so the earlier you submit the better your chances.

José Valim

Talk Title Coming Soon... Creator of Elixir and Ruby on Rails Core Team member

Martin Rehfeld

Talk Title Coming Soon... Polyglot Developer, Architect and DevOp @ Wooga

Eric Meadows-Jönsson

Talk Title Coming Soon... Elixir Team Member

Anton Prokofiev

Talk Title Coming Soon... Senior Short Term Energy Manager at Statkraft Trading

Mariano Guerra

Riak Core in Small Bites
Creator of efene, Co Founder of Event Fabric

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