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Cool Tools and Gadgets

Host: Matthew Sacks
Date: 24-03-2011
Room: London
The Tools and Gadgets Track explores the latest tools, academic research projects and library applications for the Erlang Developers and Testers.

Time Talk
10:30 - 11:15 Escript changes the game
Geoff Cant
11:20 - 12:05 Getting Useful Metrics from your Erlang Node
Justin Kirby
13:30 - 14:15 Building Erlang Applications with Rebar
Dave Smith
14:20 - 15:05 Demystifying Erlang Releases, Upgrades and Deployment
Joe Williams
15:20 - 16:05 ECC - Fun Writing Compilers
Joe Armstrong
16:10 - 16:55 Lower barriers to entry with a REST architecture
Alexandre Eisenchteter
17:00 - 18:05 Sponsored Talk: Build custom realtime applications with U.C.Engine open source project
Alexandre Eisenchteter

24-03-2011, Thursday
Erlang and Test-Driven Development, host: Fred Hebert

Erlang-based test automation has been used in commercial products - not least Erlang/OTP itself - for more than a decade, and research on Erlang and model checking has gone on for almost as long. This track covers test-driven development ranging from hands-on practical industrial experience to the latest news from the research front.

24-03-2011, Thursday
Erlang in Databases, host: Scott Lystig Fritchie

Ever since Mnesia entered the scene in 1995, Erlang has been a language for the most discriminating database hackers. With CouchDB, Scalaris and Riak, Erlang is now on the forefront of the NoSQL wave - the biggest revolution in the database world since E.F. Codd invented the Relational Model.

24-03-2011, Thursday
Cool Tools and Gadgets, host: Matthew Sacks

The Tools and Gadgets Track explores the latest tools, academic research projects and library applications for the Erlang Developers and Testers.

25-03-2011, Friday
Erlang and the VM, host: Christian Westbrook

In this track we peek inside the Erlang VM. You will learn how many of its features work and how to best use them to write fast and efficient code.

25-03-2011, Friday
Polyglot Programmer, host: Chad DePue

Erlang has often been used together with other languages or systems. This track looks at examples of how Erlang can be integrated efficiently with other languages for optimal usage.

25-03-2011, Friday
Case Studies, host: Jim Larson

As Erlang's popularity grows, it keeps breaking into new niches and companies not previously associated with the language. In this track we get to listen to the experiences of users better known for their association with other technologies rather than Erlang.

Erlang User Conference: Call for Talks open until 10 March

The conference will take place on 9-10 June. It will be followed by one day of tutorials on 11 June and 3 days of expert training on 11-13 June. 

We are currently accepting talk submissions for the Erlang User Conference 2014. If you have an interesting project you are working on or would like to share your knowledge, please submit your talk here. The deadline is 10th of March.